A Better Way to Better Documentation

With KARDA, use AI to generate regulatory documents from video, audio, text, or any combination - customizable to any format.

Streamline Document Creation

It takes too much time & effort to create business documents from scratch. Documentation specialists spend time interpreting specification from subject matter experts, decreasing the time spent on creating.

With KARDA, instantly create complete initial drafts of standard operating procedures, operations manuals, maintenance manuals, or your own custom documents. Streamline document creation and accelerate a product's time-to-market.

Universal Input Compatibility

Upload multimedia files of any format.



Seamless transformation into a document.

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Customizable Documentation

Customize the document to your chosen format.


KARDA Benefits

Accelerate time-to-market, reduce costs and personnel bottlenecks with KARDA.

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Easy to Learn

Easy to learn, use, and see fast results.

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Increase the efficiency of writers, document specialists and subject matter experts.

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Saves Time

Accelerate time-to-market for your own products and services.